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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
Why do people choose the Borg impulse? I've been planning my sets since I'll be hitting tier 4 soon and the bonuses the Borg impulse provide just don't seem to stack up against the likes of, say, the KHG engine.

What am I missing?

Honest question here.

I know feds don't get access to the KHG stuff, but what's so special about the Borg engine that people chose it so frequently?
Well, it's quite simple, on a ship like the Vesta, it has a low Hull Capacity, the Borg Engine + Deflector set bonus has a chance to proc a heal that ticks for 2000, this is enough to heal the vesta up to full. Also, as my spec does not have anything in driver coil or other utility abilitys, the borg engine gives a nice speed in sector space. Also, limiting yourself to any set that requires a 3set bonus that has to include one of those dreadful Convarient Shields, is suicide. Any shield that has 10% bleedthrough will destroy a ship like the Vesta, just from bleedthrough damage.

I hope that answers your question.

*EDIT* Apparently federation can use KHG, I didn't know that, fixed.

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