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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
For the tac spec why no points in projectile weapon specialization? especially if you use crit bonus consoles like tachykinetic, Romulan, or borg consoles the crits can be huge. I would max that out. I haven't bothered with any rep system torps yet, but on my torp brel it just uses all [CritH]x3 torps and works great with those 3 consoles and max proj weapon spec, should work good with those rep system torps to.
You're absolutely right, that is a great area to spend points, feel free to if you want, but you see, you'l be taking from other vital areas in the spec, Theres enough crit and crit dmg there, remember, this is using plasma ... its focus is to drain, disable, and also do a bit of a kick, its more of a strategic build. its focused on taking shields and power offline while keeping plasma dots up.