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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
it doesn't heal you full, it heals 30% of your maximum hull points once per your case that may be 2k.

driver coil or warpspeeds are irrelevant for combat, you can actually switch engines each time you that is a moot point anyway.

the KHG, which is available to fed players at tier 5 omega rep, provides much more synergie to your build with only 2 parts equipped...more aux (much more)

and that 10% bleedthrough can kill you is your opinion...nothing more. the KHG shield proc is actually really nice, since it diminishes the ability to hit you and your allies (it decreases the opponents ACC rating by 25% for 10 seconds) + 1 sec placate...some dispute this actually to be overpowered.
by your logic no BoP should use the KHG shield...but many actually do...

so in my opinion, KHG engine and shield + borg deflector + your skillpoints will give you 140 aux power easily. that means instead of 100 aux, you can run 85 or even less...

that high aux power simply cries for atleast one aux DHC instead of the plasma beam.
target subsystem shields doesn't really fit either, better off with APbeta or delta

for your skillpoints, did you take skillpoints effect list under consideration? i don't think so, because if you did, you probably wouldn't put 9 points in some of your skills.
Also i don't see a single hull heal...thats an obvious flaw, a big one actually.
same skillset and boff setup for each class...means you actually ignore the stuff each class brings into the build, flawed!

anyway, i think i brought some valid critique about that build into the discussion, think about or don't it's up to you.

Fermion is a heal, polarized hull brings the overall mitigation to 56-57% so any incoming dmg to hull would be mitigated and equivalent to a heal. borg setbonus is also heal.

shields at high powerlevels recharge fast, the heals are only really necessary to stop bleedthrough damage, this build is weak against transphasics i would imagine, though.

1.43 shield modifier on vesta has large capacity, couple that with the high regen from power level.