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12-26-2012, 05:14 AM
Here are some updates you might find useful:

All characters have a Account bank.
  • Gold get x-amout of free slots.
  • Silvers (F2P) get access to the bank, but have to buy slots from the C-Store.
  • Said slots can then be used to switch items and Energy Credits between chars

Items are split into 3 Categories:
  • Non-Bound: Items that can be trade between characters and accounts, regardless if used or not. These are typically Common items, and can be traded via mail, Exchange or directly.
  • Account Bound items: These items can be swapped between characters using the account bank. Some are Common, but most are very rare.
  • Bound: Locked to the char that used them the first time. Thees can not be traded or sold, other than at vendors or using the "Discard" option.
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