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12-26-2012, 06:09 AM
In PvP buffer is important to survive alphas and give the healer more time to save your bacon.

But in PvE sustain is the only thing that matters. The passive shield regen when used properly can be extremely powerful and it actually tics at half value every 3 seconds so that is a boon as well.

Also keep in mind the ship shield modifier does apply to the shields base regen, but does not effect regen consoles. In addition it really is not difficult to get nearly 1k regen per facing now days depending on what shield you have equipped and how high shield power is.

But really I made a post a long time ago about why shield power, and Epower to shields, are so insanely powerful. +regen with +resist = win. Most shields by their very nature will regen more effective HP from a single Epower than a max AUX TSS during the 15 seconds TSS is active just to add a bit of perspective and we all know how strong that can be.