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Originally Posted by fearinggravity View Post
..The target shield ability is a gaurenteed shield strip attack.
Target shields was ok back in the old days, Target Shields 3 almost op. Then Cryptic changed it to only drain half as much actual subsystem power as all 3 other target powers + some shield regen debuff. That's why target shields will never ever shut down an enemies shield by the drain, only by those 20/30/40% disable chance. How long those shields are gone again depends a lot on the enemies resistances, possible shield batteries, ET, EPtS and such. It's basically the same short killing window as with your DOFF enhanced Energy Siphon.

With the equipment and BOFF skills you've listed you simply do not have enough punch to kill an enemy with half a brain in such a short time.

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
does he really think a cannon scatter volley or torp spread wouldn't take out all his targetable projectiles?
i mean, it would take a lot of luck for that highyield torpedos and mines to actually do any dmg already as they are.
especially in a 1vs1 i see no chance for a tric mine even hitting me, or anybody else with atleast mediocre skill.
an escort will porbably tear him to peaces before any mine or highyield torpedo actually reached the target.
Another thought I had too. High damage weapons are all targetable on his side. What happens if the enemy has a single TBR or Grav Well, Tykens, PSW, whatever?

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
and the plasma dot? well my HE1 runs for 15 sec and has a 45 sec cd...i doubt that 30 seconds dots ticking is really enough to be threatening to ships with more than 40k HP total. Not even mentioning any other heal that might be triggered or used in the meantime.
Plasma DOTs from 2 torpedoes, even 2 special torpedoes with HY and TS aren't enough. That's quite obvious and that's why you have to dedicate your build to plasma or shield bypassing damage in general.
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