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Originally Posted by drowrulesupreme View Post
Crewman Enrique Muniz from DS9
Yeoman Janice Rand from TOS (later Master Chief Petty Officer Rand)
Petty Officer First Class Strath (ST:VI - The Undiscovered Country)
Petty Officer Zim Brott from DS9
Chief Petty Officer Sergey Rozhenko from TNG
All of the above are enlisted ranks (with O'Brien being Senior Chief Petty Officer) whether their rank pins were seen or not (as given in dialogue).
Some of this can actually be done with the rank insignia we already have in game. Crewman would simply be no pips, and we do have a Chief insignia (one "half" pip). We also have Lieutenant Junior Grade as well (one and a half pips).

Personally, I would like to see rank insignia for Commodore. It's canon, but hasn't been mentioned since TOS. I'm OK with the Rear Admiral Lower/Upper Half that we have, since that's what the U.S. Navy currently uses. I just read the Wikpedia article on Commodore, and it sounds to me like it's essentially equivalent to "Fleet Captain", more of a title than a rank.

Finally, it would be cool if we could choose where to display rank insignia -- sleeve braid (TOS), collar pips (TNG/DS9/VOY), chest pips (ENT, 2409), or epaulets (ENT mirror). Or any combination thereof.
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