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Originally Posted by fearinggravity View Post
I wasn't aware that the projectiles were even destructible, obviously the people I've tested this against didn't bother to shoot them, I've had some devastating 1-2 shots with them though.
Sadly, a lot of people do not know what they are doing, even more so as soon as they start to face sci powers. Just try to fight a decent cruiser or sci ship with your build. You still can give escorts a hard day by spamming VM, though.

In the first place there's nothing wrong trying to hit hard with a sci ship, it just requires your build being dedicated, even more so in a 1on1 situation. In your situation this would mean you'd have to widen your kill window by (for example):
- bypassing shields as much as possible
- neutralizing the enemy as long as possible
- drain his power
- strip his shields

But only 1 (power drain or shield stripping) or 2 (bypassing shields and neutralize, so he can't harm you or your projectiles) of those in 1 build, not everything a little bit.
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