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Science Consoles: (Must Have)
- [Console - Universal - Assimilated Module]
-[Console - Universal - Zero-Point Energy Conduit]
- [Console - Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console]
- [Console - Universal - Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver]
Ok, so let's talk about synergy and mounting 'toys'. Where are your flow capacitor consoles? What's buffing your Tachyon mines which are hella strong when buffed? What's buffing your target subsystems? What's buffing your Energy Siphon? Do you see now the folly of relying on a a 25% from a 25% chance to proc from a Warp Theorist DOff that is available for 5 seconds out of every 1 minute and 40 seconds? Good you have a Rule 62 Console because that actually does synergize by giving a boost to flow capacitors and your mines but where are the rest? I can only imagine that if you are successful at stripping an opponents shields then they are probably not bothering to use EPTS. This will never work against a good opponent.

Originally Posted by fearinggravity View Post
-=Miyu's Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer Guide=-

For Tactical Captains:

For Science Captains:

For Engineering Captains:
You should really think about a Dispersal Pattern and dropping the extra Target shields since you're not worrying about carrying much in the way of flow capacitors in your console slots. At least you'd get a buff to Trics which is probably the only real thing you're doing much damage with. It would also help you're Tachyon mines as well but I don't actually see the synergy here either because you have all those extra things that can be buffed from flow capacitors but you don't bother to use any of the appropriate consoles except the small buff coming from Rule 62. You're builds are just too hodge-podge and rely simply on luck or your opponents being really bad. It's like you're mounting toys and then trying to increase your Crit chance when the only thing you have that's really doing any damage is probably your Trics but then you aren't bothering to buff them with a Dispersal pattern or any dedicated consoles. It's without much direction.

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