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Originally Posted by fearinggravity View Post
I was under the understanding that beyond a certain point, the DR curve kicks in, so I was pushing points into additional critical chance and damage for the attacks, as well as more mitigation with the 3 set omega weapon bonus and 3set romulan bonus.
That's what I'm trying to say and why I think you're builds actually have very little synergy. Mostly it's your console selection and BOff choice for powers. Pick a thing and do it well. You want damage? Get rid of the extra Target subsystems and get a Dispersal pattern to use with your Trics. I do see one thing that is extremely nasty in your build but you aren't using it well. You have an item that is very powerful in your Tachyon Mines ESPECIALLY when buffed with Flow Capacitors and a Dispersal Pattern. For example, when properly buffed with a Dispersal Pattern and Flow Capacitor consoles you should be getting in the range of about 1,000 shield drain per mine and you'll receive 7/10/13 mines depending on which DPB you use. Then you have BOff powers like CPB3, Tachyon Beam 3, Very Rare Delta Flyers spamming Tachyon Beam 2, and Tractor Beams with Tractor Beam Doffs. You also have Deflector DOffs that have a chance of reducing the cooldown on those Deflector abilities. That is a heck of a lot more reliable build at decreasing your opponents Shields to pound through. Sure, resists have been added to the game but that's a lot of shield stripping. Enough to severely dent an opponent before going in with something that can spike.

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