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12-26-2012, 09:19 AM
Breen ship only has +10 weapon power. Escorts have +15. If you are specced for escorts as efficiently as possible, you may not have enough points in weapon performance to get you to +125 in the Breen ship, and you'll have to rely on some gear to get you there. Even a purple XII Plasma Distribution manifold will get you only +4 weapon power, not quite enough to make up the difference - which means you'll need 2 of them. It will be especially important to have max weapon power given the number of weapon slots it has, as the power drain will be significant if using cannons.

Most of my toons are specced and gear so that I can run a weapon power of 125/95 with extra 5 placed into shield power. With the Breen ship, I will have to run 125/100. Might be worth the trade off, but not completely sure about that.
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