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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Here is my command bortasqu build build, the heals and resists may seem to be overkill on pve, but it is made to tank multiple tac cubes in hive elite if necessary, and still has enough dps to do things like guard probes or solo cubes easily. This build is a little easier on the wallet as it doesnt need those purple doffs. Doubling up on the sci heals makes it easier to survive the constant plasma fires and makes the ship nearly invincible since it has all the standard cruiser heals and sci heals are stronger and up twice as much. You can shrug off several heavy plasma torps with this build and laugh as the cubes kill themselves with it if you are close when it hits.


4 turrets

elite or advanced fleet shields, deflector, engines, or whatever is best you have

4 neutronium consoles

2 field generators

4 weapon consoles of your energy type

Lt tac- TT1, CSV1

Cmdr Eng -EPTS1, RSP1, ET3, Aux2SIF3
Ensign uni -EPTS1

Lt Cmdr Uni -PH1 HE2 TSS3 (or get a sci capt to train HE3 and take TSS2 in its place if you cant find a boff with the untrainable tss3)
Lt Sci HE1, TSS2

Doffs, doesnt matter to much here, I use BFI doffs and evasive manuver doffs.
I like this. If ONLY because there are DHC's involved. Im not saying the rest is bad, not at all. Im just saying that recognizing that this ship is actually to slow to maximize damage using beam arrays is somewhat refreshing.

Now if we could just get you to use a torpedo and a mine.

Cheers and happy pew pew!!

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