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# 23 20mins dosnt seem to be enuff
12-26-2012, 10:37 AM
been trying to get a proget of mine recognised, i doubt anyone but me in testing thats played it did it in under 20mins takes me 25 in a full teir 12 fleet flightdeck cruiser not reading anything. all i could think of is either1 my groups need to be broken up(28 groups but only 8 or so spawns(1 groups made up of 8 lots of enemys for eg) 2 starting from a cryptic map might of been doing it or 3 it needs to average longer then 30mins or all my testing has put average so low ..... or 4 theres a unmentioned item needed like npcs with useless info standing on each map.... just want to get my mission arc which should qualify(have over 5 reveiws) to qualify any tips would be apreciated, mission name is "iconian combat simulator-breen" if anyone wants to play it or look it over ect