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You're on the right track. Keep in mind that you don't need any dispersal patterns for mines to be valuable. Many times you will find many times that you will be next to naked borg hulls. Exciting thought, itsn't it? Or maybe you use transphasics. Any way you slice that, giving up one turret for the mine is a win win for you.

PVP yah....I wouldn't really bother with this ship. I have. It can be done for sure. But the pay off vs the work, why would you? Ok I have done it. DHC's and all. Just saying once you downgrade to beams or cannons time to change ships.

For PVE, in particular reffering to STFs, this ship is the epitome of the assault gun concept.
I did pvp with tac bortasqu with dhc before, yeah its fun but hard if you dont immediately kill the target with decloaking autocannon and CRF attack, then afterwards you are mostly useless unless there is slow target to shoot or you evasive away and cloak for another alpha. Kind of plays like Fed dreadnought. Its fun seeing targets instantly die to it sometimes but if they rsp in time when you decloak or evasive away you are screwed.

I might try trico mines on it with dpb2 or dpb1 though, or maybe its time to start seeing how useful other mines could be if the tricobalt nerf is bad enough, thanks.