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12-26-2012, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
As you've said the game has been around for almost 3 years now, and in 3 ears Cryptic hasn't really done anything to really interest players in playing the KDF faction, and that's why I said it's really up to the KDF players to finally do something about that. Pretty much the second you log in or load up one of the HUB areas of the game, you'll see fleet recruitment messages in zone chat. So again one of my suggestions is to try to recruit players to play the KDF like you recruit for factions.

And the player organised "KDF month" thing every year doesn't count?

Your solution to the problem seems to be Spamming ESD general chat? I'm sure that will go down well.
Plus its pretty pointless as the new players have to wait until level 20+ before they can roll a KDF character.