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12-26-2012, 11:19 AM
looks like you put a lot of work into this, but theres some pretty deep flaws in it.

first of all tric torps have a 1 min cooldown, with a 30 second global. so you could only ever utilize 2 of them. plus tric torps are horrible compared to mines. nearly any amount or shields can shrug them off.

second of all you would need shield striping that would make mai kia blush to make use of quantum torps on a sci ship. these have no use other then dealing damage through down shield facings.

you have 2 damage choices on sci torp boats, transphasics, which is proboly a better choice, and plasma. throw in some chronoton too for slowdowns in there somewhere. a harpang as well maybe.

not even a single beam array?you have innate subsystem targeting you know

armor consoles are a luxury item, you only slot those once your other bases are minmaxes and covered. you have the borg cutting beam, but no borg console? you have the temporal console but no borg console? the borg console has superior crit bonuses to the temporal console, reason alone to use it if you had to chose between 1 or the other.

damage control doffs arent very reliable with only 1 type of EPtX skill, you need 1 of 2 different kinds for reliability. VM will never drop someones shields, only the other 3 systems main reason quantums cant work. if you want effective shield draining your going to need CPB3,TB3 with doff and tach beam3 delta flyers and the tach mines. maybe TB2 with VM1, because VM is so handy and crippling. you wont have a LTC tac then, but even on a vesta you cant have it all.

on the skill tree you don't max attack paterns or projectile damage. if you use any attack pasterns or torps, max those skills! they are extreamly cheap anyway. at least 3 into batteries too. you get more total armor if you put 3 in threat control and 3 in energy armor then just 6 into energy armor. with the rate that crew dies, puting any points into subsystem repair is questionable without a nurse doff, and dampeners does little other then make every TBR pulse hit you. sensors bufffs sci captain abilities, and might make AMS not as long, but ive also heard that it doesn't lessen its effect at all.
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