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12-26-2012, 11:52 AM
Energy Siphon 1 is a really weak choice, especially with your lack of heals. 2 doffs to buff it is out of whack for one copy of a low level ability. The drain won't be noticed and you don't need the power level boost since you get to dump weapons.Dump it for a heal and add another doff for VM, the stick around longer one rather than the chance to spread one.

Get the threat scaling embassy science consoles for hull and shield heals because you're going to need them.

DDIS said everything else I was thinking. DC doffs, skills, consoles, beam array, torp type, I'd second all of it.

The only thing left is to question if you have any sense of how the PvP community views tric mines since you've included those, as well as the Fleet Shields which just got some comments from learned sources as being out of balance.