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Originally Posted by wuusta View Post
On the mirror Qin raptor build, is it okay to switch out TSS1 for a PH1?
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
you could, but the resist of TSS will be much more useful. you already have good hold resist from 2 APO.
For some folks though, can't the APO get them killed relying on it instead of PH? It does nothing against the damage - they'll be moving, but unless they're moving away as they're moving - they're also having their hull eaten.

With two TTs, two EPtS, and the RSP for shields - vs. just the HE for hull - with the TSS instead of PH, aren't you leaving yourself open to being killed from the inside?

What do you think about with what you also said there, about the possibility of picking AtS instead of RSP...with the TSS and the PH if you take the RSP?

So there would be these two options:


EPtS1, AtS1




PH1, HE2

Don't forget I'm cooky and out there (and no, I'm not the guy that said Sci sucked - that was, can't name him on the forums - but like I said, I do my own stupid things without being given credit for what others, but this is what I've got on my Mirror Qin:

TT1, BO2, CRF2, APO3

EPtS1, AtS1

PH1, HE2

But then again, it's obviously not a 7 cannon boat.
Fore: 2x Plasma Torp, Plasma DBB, Plasma DHC
Aft: Plasma Mine, 2x Plasma Turret

I tend to do the following with the alpha...

Cloaked. Hit TS. Wait 15s, hit THY. Hit BO, APA, APO. Decloak. Fire the THY Torp. Hit FoMM. Hit EPtW. Fire the DBB. Fire the TS Torp. Hit CRF, begin firing the DHC/Turrets. Hit EM to fly past them, dropping the DPB'd Mines on them. Turn, hit TT, TS, and fire off the next TS while the DBB/DHC/Turrets continue to fire.

No doubt it would work much better if I weren't using plasma - but it's a test build. My fourth toon, so the furthest back on the rep grind. The idea to replace the Plasma DBB/DHC/Turrets with Romulan Plasma for the additional disruptor proc. Replace the two Plasma torps with an Omega and a Hyper (it's funny how well they work together when the Omega hates working with other torps). Add in the KineticProc, the 2pc secondary bonuses from both Omega and Romulan... and that's along the lines of where I'm going with it.

Suppose I should also mention that for DOFFs it's running SDO(BFI), 2x DCE(EPt), DCE(AtS), and WCE(EPt)...and it's got Leech.

The curious aspect, imo, where I'm curious - is what the Romulan DES set will be - just a variation of the Reman? Even there, the Reman's somewhat tempting in a somewhat suicidal manner...meh. I hate how slow the Omega is, and if the 2pc Reman affects the THY of the Omega (being plasma) - that could be helpful. Don't know if that's the case and haven't seen anybody mention it one way or the other because of how generally bad the Reman set is. Otherwise, it's a case of thinking Omega or perhaps the AMACO.

Course, I couldn't see taking this particular boat into an Arena - without a BC, it's just too exposed. In C&H or even Ker'rat though - full Eng, Eng Batt, SFM to slip away - cloak and then return to reengage.

But I'm like most things I post in regard to builds - I'd highly recommend that folks politely laugh and ignore it.
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