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1) I guess I need to start getting dilithium, that's the big in-game currently, right?
1a) As a silver player, I understand I don't get it automatically. Where do I find missions to get some dilithium? I can't seem to find the right NPC to ask.
Nobody gets it automatically. Many missions give it. Investigate Officer Reports gives 960 for doing any eligible foundry mission, Explore Strange New Worlds gives 1440 for completing any exploration mission (so you have to pick up two missions - the daily for 1440 diltihium, and Explore the ________ - more exploration sectors become available as you level. There's also other missions like PVP, STFs after level 45, and most dailies for dilithium.

All the ones you're eligible for will be under the Available tab of your journal. STO runs quests through the journal instead of making you hoof it to hubs to pick them up.

2) I know we've had economy changes and added these duty assignment crewmembers and things. What other aspects of the game do I really need to get up to speed on and utilize?
Thing you really need to get up to speed on is space and ground combat and equipment. The duty assignments are a sort of side-game, the buffs from active duty officers are good, but also expensive and take time to build up to. Reputation and fleet advancement are just providing the items the project you need asks for, which generally goes back to space/ground combat to collect.

3) Crew points. I realize that when I hit the last level, I longer get points to apply to my own abilities and skills, but what about my crew? Do I still accumulate for them?
3A) If i can't get any more points to allocate to crew members once I hit the cap, I guess that means I better not screw up the allocation. Is it better to level up all space and ground abilities for 5 crew members and use them for everything, or should i do space abilities on some crew and ground abilities on others?
Your crew still gets skill points, called Expertise now. In fact, they get even more now - any experience you get is converted to additional Expertise. You'll get tons of these points, easily enough to reallocate bridge officers frequently... The Reputation system is a much bigger drain, and even with that I'm still getting a net gain, because you just get tons of expertise.

4)I'm a tactical captain, but I still am confused about the best way to go with weapons and such. AT this point, I'm PVE cause I suck. So, even with PVE, I'm confused. You need beam weapons to take down shields, right? Do I use pure beam and cannons or do I use torpedoes of some sort? And, if so, where, fore, aft?
What ship type?

If you're in an escort, for best damage you want dual heavy cannons in front and turrets aft. In a cruiser, you're better off with beam arrays both (they overlap on the sides allowing you to fire all of them at once).

In both cases, torpedoes are an option. Straight energy weapons is higher DPS against shields, but against unshielded targets (all kinds of stuff in STFs) or ones with far more hull than shields (tactical cubes and command ships), torpedoes do more once you're through the shields. It's a trade-off, easier to justify in an escort than a cruiser.

There's all kinds of variations, too, but the general cruisers broadside/escorts forward rule is good to follow. The mixed DHC/DBB setup has fallen out of favor but still works at what it does, and some cruisers have the bridge officer setup to handle single cannons forward and turrets aft, giving a 180 degree forward coverage instead of the broadside you get with beam arrays. Mixing energy types is a bad idea - it's not as big of a damage loss as the deal people make about it, but it comes with literally no benefit - individual weapons have vanishingly low proc rates, so getting a variety of proc types doesn't help when none of them trigger.

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