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Originally Posted by macnut87 View Post
I had my cannibal tribble equipped to one of my officers to avoid it eating my tribble collection however with the recent update it somehow ended up in my bank along with a winter tribble that was equipped to my science bridge officer.

I logged into my bank just before to find all my ultra rare (purple) tribbles safe but was surprised to find my cannibal tribble with an evil grin on it's face sitting with my science officer's winter tribble on one side and 18 carcasses on the other having eaten all my green and blue quality tribbles

Everything I have read has said that cannibals only eat common (white) and uncommon (green) tribbles and does not attack rare (blue) or ultra rare (purple) tribbles so why did my rare tribbles end up as dinner was there an update that made the rare tribbles more appealing to the teethy little fellows?

Also the IDIC tribble is blue quality so can it end up as dinner too?
You must have placed them in there by mistake and don't remember. I have never once had an item equipped on my character or bridge officers suddenly on its own be moved to my bank. The only way for that to happen is from the player doing it themselves. Edit: I would say lag may have played a role in it but still for that to have happened you would have needed to actually be doing something with them.

Originally Posted by squidheadjax View Post
What mission trades the carcasses for dilithium? The Security Officer tribble bounty mission rewards latinum.

As an aside, I love the description of the failure outcome for that mission - your officer gets confined to quarters because he was accused of breeding tribbles specifically to collect the bounty. Which is what i do...
The Tribble Bounty KDF doff assignment rewards 1,000 Gold Pressed Latinum, 5 Dilithium, skill points, and Trade commendation XP. You earn more upon critical success.
I use to be with it. But I don't remember what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me.

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