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# 1 -th consoles broken?
12-26-2012, 01:08 PM
So I got a shiny new threat decreasing console from my embassy hoping it would give my BoP a free ticket to do what it wants and jumped into Cure to try it out.

Everything wanted me dead.

While I used to be able to fly around under a cube for a while without provoking it, they now attack me as soon as I fly in range. Even when they were already targeting someone else, they switch to me without me firing a shot at them.

Negh'vars and raptors gun for me as soon as they see me.

Even during firefights where everyone is attacking the same thing they happily try to murder me and only me.

It's far worse than it was before I got the "threat reducing" console. Did you just copy and paste the stats for the threat increasing console? Is anyone else having this problem?