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Originally Posted by sparker80 View Post
lewstelamon01, if i contact my ISP what would I say exactly (btw my ISP is AT&T)?

Also how would I power cycle my router and modem?
Power cycling is just a fancy pants term for "unplug your router and modem from its power supply and then plug them back in".

Anyway, it would probably be best to explain that you're seeing reduced network speeds and provide them with the results of the tests that you've run.

If you're lucky and get a competent tech support rep (one who is genuinely interested in solving your problem rather than how fast they can get you off the line and on to the next person in queue), you can explain that you've run a traceroute because of network issues you're having and it's timing out early in the trace.

However, I'm going to wager that you'll have to explain that to a senior technical support analyst...most Tier I reps, IMO, are the type that will rush to whatever answer will get you off the line....
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