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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Don't forget I'm cooky and out there (and no, I'm not the guy that said Sci sucked - that was, can't name him on the forums - but like I said, I do my own stupid things without being given credit for what others
yes i know, it was someone else with a V name. not my intention to name the wrong person, and i was corrected on opvp.

as for the rest of that, chances of success are much lower then an all cannon build. it might not kill even half as well as a perfectly executed attack from a build like this, but it will be painful 100% of the time, instead of epically failing a high % of the time. not to mention it can be very tricky to set that kind of attack up, even for veterans.

im finding a cannon and HY omega torp to be very effective though, its extreamly hard to kill the HY omega, even with AOE, so it almost always hits.
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