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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
yes i know, it was someone else with a V name. not my intention to name the wrong person, and i was corrected on opvp.

as for the rest of that, chances of success are much lower then an all cannon build. it might not kill even half as well as a perfectly executed attack from a build like this, but it will be painful 100% of the time, instead of epically failing a high % of the time. not to mention it can be very tricky to set that kind of attack up, even for veterans.

im finding a cannon and HY omega torp to be very effective though, its extreamly hard to kill the HY omega, even with AOE, so it almost always hits.
Yep, it's one of the reasons why I said it wouldn't work well as an Arena build - while that alpha's awesome to pull off - if it doesn't get pulled off - it's a horrible build. So many things can go wrong with that alpha as well - anything from a simple miss of the BO, latency throwing the timing off, getting decloaked, target deciding it's time to relocate in a hurry (that one's kind of funny - you're all dressed and ready to go... they leave you standing there exposed).

I'm still trying to come to terms with the THY Omega - I think it's great Aft. Fore? Not so much.

Hyper, DBB, 2x DHC
Turret, Cutting, Omega

Is something I've been thinking about as an alternative. The timing on dropping the Omega (yep, dropping - treating it like a mine) as you pass though has been a lot rougher for me than the timing on dropping mines - simply because there's no worry about getting caught in the AoE splash (love the AoE splash on the THY Omega vs. pet spam).

Course, a thought that came up from something I'm doing on my Sci in the Patrol would be:

Hyper, 3x Phased Tetryon DHCs
Omega, Phased Tet Tur, Cutting Beam

Dropping the DBB, going with Omega for Tet Glider - having the KineticProc and trying to get a Romulan [Pla] Console to increase the Plasma Dmg of the Hyper/Omega while also adding the DoT proc to the Phased Tets.

The decloak, Phased Tets/Cutting going, a TS or THY of the Hyper, flying by and dropping the Omega, turning to continue the standard attack.

I'm just not finding that I'm getting the one side down long enough - it's like when I'm flying either of my Engs and you can sit there dancing with two Bugs until boredom sets in. But if the one ship's attacking from both sides, it creates a quandary in the average pilot. Which way do they turn - what's getting left exposed - do they turn, do they move away...etc, etc, etc.

edit: By the way, to anybody reading any of my posts in this thread - I'm not suggesting in the least that I know better in any way than what Drunk and the others are saying. The crap I fly would hardly work for anybody - it's just a case that I'm not very good with the usual (which is usually the best) - so it's a case that certain things are more tailored to what I'm good at while avoiding the things that I'm not so good at. There's a 99.99% chance that I would always defer to the advice that's being given by them... they've put a lot of work and effort into the stuff they've come up with - and that - deserves both respect and gratitude. Many times I've been able to take something they've said and work it into one of my cooky builds...though they'd likely prefer not having any credit for anything to do with my failgasms out there.

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