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The OP is really trying here guys. Believe it or not but the builds he posted in this thread are much better than the builds he posted in the Shipyard this morning. Not trying to sound harsh here either OP. I suggested he post his builds in the PvP section so he could get more serious feedback and that's what he's doing. He's asking for help. He only 1v1's and doesn't team. If I may be so bold, he needs someone to take him under their wing. I don't THINK that he's ever joined a public queue but I may be wrong. I have to give him props for being brave enough to post his builds to let other people pick them apart. Especially on these forums where the critique can get rough at times.

Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post

taking 2 vm's is a bad idea, now that engineering team clears it, and it can be done in theory, every 15 seconds. while the fastest you could fire vm is once every 30 seconds.

id highly recomend 2 rapid fire transphasic torps in the front, with the breen cluster torp, and 2 trans mine launchers in the rear and a single beam array

the cluster torp is ungodly when its used right.
This is solid advice OP. My own Vesta run's similar to what he's suggesting. I do run a copy of TBR3 for spam clearing plus taking healer's out of range and the extra kinetic damage that synegizes with my Transphasics. It gives some nice spike with the Breen cluster torp. I do, however, equip a VM1 with it as well. Here's a screenshot from a recent match where I was piloting my Vesta Transphasic bomber. My numbers are located on the bottom right:

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