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12-26-2012, 03:00 PM
I decided to give this a try to see what would happen. First thing though was I opened an additional email account, one I would never use other than this specific purpose. I also have an old bank account that still has a little money it it, but I never use for anything. I still have the debit card for it as well.

I went through and more than half the offers I was DQ'd for after spending about 10 minutes answering questions. That was incredibly annoying. It seems as soon as you give them an answer they aren't looking for, they DQ you with no compensation. I did a few of the free trial offers. Some offered as much as 1500 zen. One I was able to go through and cancel right away without issue. The other three it seems purposely hide their contact information so you cannot get a hold of anyone to cancel the service. I did get the zen payout though. I ended up calling the bank because each of those "free trial" offers already pinged the account so there were contact numbers left. I quickly had the bank put a hold on the account because I had a feeling I was going to have some issues and sure enough, a couple of the phone numbers were incorrect so basically, I have no way to cancel these "free trials." Good thing is my bank though. They will not allow any of those companies to ping my card again (not like it matters, I have maybe $20 in that account).

I just find it unsettling that PWE would do business with a company that operates in this way. Some of these places are very shady and they make it impossible to cancel your free trials. The only recourse I had was reporting my card stolen and freezing my account. I know people will say it's not Perfect World doing this. Still, they are in bed with them and it makes me wonder about who I am doing business with.

Oh, and to make this funny, that email account I set up had over 100 spam emails in just over a day. Again, I know it's not perfect world doing the spamming, but if PWE was my friend and I knew they were doing business with a drug dealer...sorry, but I'm not hanging around with you anymore.

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