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12-26-2012, 04:06 PM
Well, I've done some more testing in Infected and these things work very strangely. They most certainly need to be worked on.

The moment I came into range of the initial cube it went for me, before I provoked it, but as soon as the others joined in I wasn't able to keep aggro. From there I wasn't really able to see it doing anything.

For a while it seemed as though it was lowering my threat generation but simultaneously making me far more noticeable. I couldn't steal aggro from others in the sphere phase, but anything that wasn't specifically being shot by someone else went straight for me, and everything new that warped in was on me first and chased me down until someone else got around to shooting it.

That theory went out the window when the gate and tac cube at the end both went after me despite the whole team focus firing, with only one other person on the team able to occasionally draw the aggro. Perhaps I managed to get into games where everyone else (including engineers in cruisers and carriers) were running even MORE -th consoles than me, or were using mk I weapons or something, but I got this console so I could slip by unnoticed and from what I can see it does not work AT ALL.