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My main's an Eng. He's currently flying a Mirror Star Cruiser. He's not a healer. He lives in PUGland. He might spare an AtS, ET, or HE to an ally if the Escorts have given up plinking damage against him. He's got no shield love to share though - he likes to hull tank Tact Cubes in ESTFs for the lulz - so shields/schmields. Trics tickle. Sure, a Sci working with a couple of Escorts will make him stare at the respawn button and pout... but the only thing he really fears is this one guy out there that flies a DHC Command Bort that kills him every time. He can even tell when it's THAT GUY - because everything's fine and then he's below 10% hull in a blink of an eye...then pops.

Guide - Space PvP

Be like that guy in the Command Bort...
...don't be the guy that complains about Escorts.
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