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# 1 KDF Science build
12-26-2012, 04:33 PM
Ok so I'm currently levelling up a science toon on the Klingon side

I was wondering if Someone could answer me a few questions that would be great

I predominantly run elite stfs with the odd pv match thrown in

My main ship will be the voquv carrier and my main role will be disabling shields and subsystems for my bops to do the damage and also pinning my foe on the spot(tractors and grab wells)

Couple of questions -

- how does sensor scan work only seems to land on people odd times when activated?

- skill points - if someone could point me towards a good sci skill point tree that would be great I know the obvious ones are the ones that effect grab well and tractors but other than that as far as science goes I'm clueless

Again any help much appreciated thanks