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Hello I am looking for help from other Steam users of STO. I am unable to purchase ZEN via my Steam wallet as it appears the Stean Overlay is no longer launching with the game. I have checked the Steam properties on the game etc and it appears ok.

I am awaiting for a response to the ticket I opened with Steam and the PWE folks say they are not seeing the issue with other Steam users and that I should be pursuing the matter with Steam.

I did see a thread from a few months back. There were some recent posts so I posted and the PWE moderator clsoed the thread so I thought we better start a new one. I also think if you are having a difficulty you should open a ticket since the lack of tickets was the evidence that my case is an isolated incident.

Here is the interesting thing. If I verify my file cache on Steam it says some needed files are missing and will be reaquired. Once they are downloaded, if I verify again Steam says all is well. Now when I launch the Game the PWE launcher now has to do a bunch of patches. Once it says we are all patched I go back to the Steam client and verify and the files are missing again.

I think the launcher is deleting the stuff I need for the overlay to run and preventing the in game store from working.

If any of you have run into the same thing and were able to resolve I would apreciate a post. I will let you know what I find out from Steam once they respond to my ticket. Also if you are having a problem please open a ticket. After all you can't expect someone to fix something if you don't tell them about it.