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12-26-2012, 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
As much as I desperately love you and want you to bear my children, I have to say no to this.

Sci captains can make can make it easier to achieve what IS the key to PVP, but it is only one way to do so.

Now. How about you beam those child bearing hips over to my ready room? I'll make sure DDIS is gone before you get there.
To my Thissler,

Dear love and lust of my life, show me a nuked target, I'll show you a dead one. Not all of us have the gift of the BOPsplosion like you do. Try as we might.... Too many targets remain alive and with too much kick in them.

To elaborate: teamwork and windows of spike damage and healing are to me what makes pvp in this game. Capture these windows and watch your overall productivity, as any captain in any ship increase to be more of a benefit to your team.

Forever yours,