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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
To keep the [Borg] proc that doesn't work?

I'd go for [Acc]. Yes, your crits won't hit as hard, but you'll get more of them, plus the added bonus of more shots in general hitting the target.
It is confusing. It doesn't help that the tooltips show you info that may not be accurate.

But let's go with the Borticus quote and do it one better. Let's say the borg bit never works at all. Not sometimes, not in wierd ways, just not at all. Let's also say that acc is a desirable stat in PVE.

First off, we don't know what Mk Borg weps he has. If we are talking about going from MK X or XI even, to the MK XII Advanced Fleet I think its about 50 dps on the tooltip base damage from X to the XII and about 30 dps to go from XI to XII. (DHC's). I don't have any MK XII borg stuff to compare to, but I imagine it is less.

Borg weps, or at least the ones I have, have crit hit and acc. So I guess they all do. Could be wrong there I only checked one toon. I know advanced Fleet weps only come in the damage flavor plus one other trait.

So you're going to lose one or two traits that you already have. And since this thread so far believes in the acc and crit hit stats increasing hits and crit hits you would have to think that unless your weapons were the dire MK X borg there wouldn't be any pressing reason to move up to advanced fleet to pick up a bit of dmg rating and lose accuracy or crit hit rating.

Unless of course you were going to pick up some Crit D items. It is far easier to lower someones defense, yes even NPC's, than it is to increase your accuracy. That may be a good route to take to increase damage dealt.

But really without a lot more info this entire exercise is just a guess. I do great in normals with MK X Borg. I use Advanced Fleet crit d for my romulan events and PVP. I do ok in PVP too.

Cheers happy flying!
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