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12-26-2012, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
1min 13sec is my top time.

I run the races daily with 46 toons for the Q pics.

I learned to run these races from the previous winter event, and running it soo much I've learned to become a pro.

My slowest time though is around 2min - so it all depends on the mood I am in, also the races iat times are affected by server latency etc...

Total time per day on a smooth day, around an hour

Total time per day w/latency, load times, lag - also side events, around 3hrs

Though after the runs I stop playing, 46runs kinda burns me out - I am almost done, most of my toons have Q Pics x740 as of 12/24/2012
Let's set aside the fact that you have 46 characters in a game with only 3 classes & 2 factions.

My question is what do you plan to do with 46 copies of the exact same, character bound, ship?