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reason this is posted here is it consists of other games other then star trek online.

i am wondering, about a game that died before it launched. star trek infinity- it was suppose to be a browser based game and f2p. similar to battlestar gallactica.
for the mmorpg players you know what im talking about.
since the game did not launch and the people are probably moved on to another game or project- the ideas that game had can star trek online steal them? i realise it might not be correct thing to do but like infinity, star trek online pays CBS for the licence.
if it is in the best interest of sto not to do that, then how about recruiting there programers and story tellers? one of the very good ideas they had was fleet star bases before cryptic finally came up with them in season 6. i realise that the stories was based in a different time period but sto has something that no other game has- the foundry. anything can happen in the foundry. like have them make missions and give ideas on how to make sto better.

speaking of the foundry- why not give authors of acceptable missions free gold membership for x amount of missions?