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12-26-2012, 10:41 PM
okay, been testing a new setup and it's pretty sexy so far that i can tell.

2x Aux Cannons , 1x Omega Torp
1x Phaser beam array aft (for subtargeting w/ maxed flow cap skill)
1x Photon mine
1x Cutting beam

95 aux, 25 engine, 40 shields, 40 weapons

MACO xii shield
Omega Force xii Deflector and Engines

Monoantium , Neutronium
Field Gen , Particle Gen , Borg Ass. Module, Vesta Fermion , Vesta QFF
3x Phaser relays

Advanced Danubes


:: on the wish list::
Will be upgrading Particle Gen to ThreatScaling version from embassy.
Will try swapping out an armor for the Romulan Zero-point Energy Console (mainly for +crit %)