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I am a lifetime subscriber since the open beta and purchased a retail collector's edition of the game at launch. The collector's edtion of STO comes with the TNG uniforms. For some reason, it now tells me I must buy the commbadge when trying to use it on a uniform in the tailor.

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Edit: Just realized this also applies to the ENT boots. A friend of mine gave me a code for the uniform since he wasn't interested in the ENT uniform. When I celect the free costume pack that says they are included in, it tries to charge me 1,315 ZEN.

Edit 2: Deselecting "Show Unowned Parts" removes the Enterprise uniform from my list. Enabling "Show Unowned Parts" though allows me to select the costume parts with the exception of the boots when I selected 22nd Century Uniform Pack (Free). The boots show this option too but it doesn't allow me to use them without trying to charge me the ZEN for the full 1,315 ZEN for the bundle.

Edit 3: The Enterprise Badge also tries to charge me 1,315 ZEN for its use when selecting the 22nd Century Uniform Pack (Free).

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