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12-26-2012, 10:01 PM
Atrox low turn rate high hull nice shields 3 for and 3 aft weapons 2 tactics BO funtions 2 hangers
vesta medium turn rate low hull high shields has sensor scan 3 for 3 after weapons. If you spend 50 dollars can use all aux for main dps, if not normal sciencs that can equip dual cannons. 3 different BO lay outs/console. 1 hanger
heavy escort carrier low hull low shields great turn rate 4 for 3 aft weapons 1 hanger.

atrox can take a hit and keep ticking
vesta nice shields nice dps for science ship
HEC can put out dps but tends to pop when a gate gets angry.

Best carrier though would be either Voquv or karfi