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And since we're on the topic of the maps: One of the main reasons the planets look too small is that the endless asteroid/ debris fields are ruining the forced perspective. When you see a rock in space the size of your ship, and then you see it next to a planet, you get a proper sense of scale.

If the surrounding space was empty, you can maintain the illusion you're stopping a good distance away before beaming down.
Oh yes. Where is the space in outer space? Half the maps could stand being completely empty.

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There are lots of Nebulae IRL...
But are they everywhere? Is there a nebula in every corner of the galaxy? Do you look up into the sky and see glowing clouds of glowyness? Having nebulae isn't bad, having them everywhere in every important area even when it makes no logical sense is bad.

Take into account the Sector Space Borg Incursions. Since they take place in deep space, it would be logical to assume that there would be nothing but... you know.... space.

But instead... even in the Sector Space Incursions, which by all means, both scientific, story wise, and logically, there should be nothing..... there are asteroids and gas clouds.

Are we not pushing it a bit?

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.