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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
I'm planning out my Rep sets since I've almost got tier 4 rep unlocked.


KHG shield (With a Field Generator)
KHG engine
Borg deflector
Borg Universal

How's that look?


KHG Shield: Lots of cap (Even more with the field generator), not half-bad regen.
KHG Engine: Bonuses to shield, aux and weapons power, Hot Restart could come in handy
Borg Deflector: Bonus to SIF, bonus to aux.
Borg Universal: Bonus to weapons power, bonus to hull rep, crit bonuses
I'd go with Adapted Deflector (MACO) instead of Borg MK XII, as it has even more SIF, along with shield HP and shield healing boost, plus a smattering of handy things. Though, If I'm reading things right, you need to get the KHG MK XII Deflector to finish off the KHG set to be able to get the Adapted. Currently running MK XII KHG Shields and Engines, but a MK XII standard Positron with [SIF][ShdS] and I'm thinking of grabbing the other faction Deflector to replace it once I unlock T5 Rep.

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