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12-27-2012, 12:07 AM
It's growing pains. The problem, if any, is that people got so used to getting an easy way to get rewards when the rewards were supposed to be a way so that players weren't punished and actually got something by playing foundry missions. Now that it is moving in that direction, we're stuck with the backlash as people who used to expect it loose it.

We're probably not done with how the system will work out. If it tailors to individual play time I have a feeling more people will get the idea of why they should be getting rewards from the foundry daily.

Eventually, people won't know remember how it used to be before. Things will fade. They will realize they get more Fleet marks and DL from running STFs in 10 15 minutes then afking in foundry.

In response to the heated words you got after your review, people were blaming foundry when they lost the dual rewards from Sector Exploration at S7 launch. It was "you people" then too.

As far as the grinders missions themselves, I didn't mind Battleroyal because that mission existed well before this change. Some of the other missions that sprung up after... well... at least the people who tried make me okay with it. At least try to add some show to it, you know?