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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
Ok so I'm currently levelling up a science toon on the Klingon side

I was wondering if Someone could answer me a few questions that would be great

I predominantly run elite stfs with the odd pv match thrown in

My main ship will be the voquv carrier and my main role will be disabling shields and subsystems for my bops to do the damage and also pinning my foe on the spot(tractors and grab wells)

Couple of questions -

- how does sensor scan work only seems to land on people odd times when activated?

- skill points - if someone could point me towards a good sci skill point tree that would be great I know the obvious ones are the ones that effect grab well and tractors but other than that as far as science goes I'm clueless

Again any help much appreciated thanks
sensor scan in theory reduces damage resistance and stealth. it is improved by auxiliary power and starship sensors in your skill tree. although i consider this a weaker ability and at times it seems to really do nothing.

as far as science skills in your respec everyone has their own ways going about this but for what you are proposing you should have starship flow capacitors maxed out for the shield drain and particle generator maxed for your sci holds.
a great place to look at people builds and learn can be seen here.

i run 2 sci ships one for fed and one for klingon. i absolutely love playing science as i love to keep the team alive by using heals. first thing to realize is you will not have great dps and your role is support not attack but science ships make great shield strippers as well. both my ships are geared toward shield stripping and shield healing and preform quite well. i am not big on using pet shuttles or bops but that is a personal preference. my suggestion though if you can do it is to look for a ship with better turning ratios if you really want to go the shield stripper role as if you are using tachyon beam thats a frontal attack. i use tachyon beam 1 and 3 so they are always being fired but useless if you dont stay within your frontal arc. a varanus is a great choice for this role with the added ability of hull heal platforms and ships to support the team.