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# 336 Omega and hyper torp
12-26-2012, 11:44 PM
At this moment, on my Plas'Tinga, I have the omega torp equiped in front and the hyper in back. This because the omega torp does 5x more plasma dot compared to the hyper torp, and Im more interested in delivering the dot.

I myself was not really convinced in using both omega and hyper torps in front. This because the omega torp somehow fails with me. It is shooting half of the time "blanks" (you can also see this in the animation: spitting out a torp which then fades), and therefore not giving the hyper torp a window to fire.

However, As Virus says that it works good together, so I still have to do some more testing. Also I still dont know how a torpedo doff works with these torps. Maybe the doff works after each omega torpedo, continously replenishing the supply, so every second a torp is fired. And that the "blanks" are just visual effects, but still hitting the target.

Who has already some results about the torpedo doff with the omega and hyper torp?

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