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12-27-2012, 01:05 AM
I think APB was being referenced more than anything. Also I say keep the borg weaponry. It's good mk XII blue stuff. The borg proc works fine on most non-structure borg. I would know, last night got a nice chain of 8 procs almost simultaneously. Imagine the surprise of the FTER when an Oddy drew aggro off of it XD.

But tbh, the acc + crth is worth more than the dmgx3 + acc/crtd. You will lose out on some DPS, but the potential for damage is higher with the regular mk XII borg weapons.

Also on a side note: most borg torps are crth + crtd, not crth + acc. Or that's how mine are... weird neh? XD.

On another side note: the REAL reason cryptic took out the STF shop is because it was too easy to get decent weapons (you could get mk XII blue weapons with ease) and too cheap. They wanted us to play things like fleet actions for our good weapons and good shields/engines/deflectors. So under that bull of taking it out because of the [borg] proc, they forced us to do fleet actions and such to get good equipment.

Just a thought.
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