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Sure do. It's a valid point though. If this Federation ever wanted to win another war, they'd have to rely on alien starships and help from the future. Considering how reluctant CBS are about implementation of some items, I can't see their logic (save it being hypocrisy) in allowing this.
Here is my hypothesis. I freely admit I have no actual evidence to back it up, so take it for what it is worth.
Once upon a time there was a company named Cryptic that got the license to rush a MMO based upon Star Trek into a commercial product. They hired a bunch of game devlopers, many who were die hard Star Trek nerds. The die hard Star Trek nerds at Cryptic worked with the die hard Star Trek nerds at CBS (keepers of the canon if you wish) to develop this into a product that "made sense" to trekkies.

Then one day Cryptic was bought by this gaming company from China. They wanted to figure out how to make this game as profitable as possible, so they adopted a model that worked well in the East, a real money lottery for rare in-game items. Cryptic talked to CBS and they both agreed that a few Jem'Hadar ships would not hurt canon, after All Sisko flew one.

Cryptic did not tell people that the odds were less than 1%. They did not tell players that the average cost of the ship was nearly $150. They did not tell players that on the order of 1 out of every 100 players could spend nearly $1000 and not win the lottery, because PWE had been running these lotteries in the East, and they knew better.

The vast majority of players who logged on bought at least a few lottery tickets. Some spent over a thousand dollars in vain trying to aquire the ship. Some paid hundreds of dollars on paypal to trade with players who had won them. Cryptic probably made more money in that one month that it had in the past six.

Cryptic was ecstatic. CBS was ecstatic. Does it make canon sense that half of starfleet will be flying around in a Breen ship or that you are doing STFs with Starfleet captains piloting ships designed for non-humanoid races? Of course not! But the money is way more important than canon.

It is fait accompli and does not bother me anymore. I just don't see how Cryptic can use canon as an excuse anymore to disallow a T-5 constitution class ship. After all, it would make them a ton of cash and makes about as much sense as half of Starfleet being Tholian web weavers and Breen warships.