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12-27-2012, 03:21 AM
Originally Posted by thefastone21 View Post
The typhoon class everyone wants, is it the thing from star trek Invasion or is it something in the game my brain for whatever reason has'nt acknowledged ?
Your title is misleading:

I thought you were referring to Activision's Federation Carrier U.S.S. Typhon

Link below:

I soo want that Carrier - I really wish Cryptic would grab the license for its use - It is a beautiful Carrier with bad@ss Valkyrie Fighters.

To the OP comment regarding the Typhoon Class:

I like the vessel, and its nacelles is what attracts me to it along with its hull, I don't care much for the saucer section and if they ever do introduce it for the playerbase, I am hoping there are variants to the saucer section.