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12-27-2012, 05:51 AM
This actually brings up a point I brought up in an earlier thread. Why are we limited to only one skill tree? Why not have multiple skill-pages? Like one for tanking that's incredibly defensive heavy, and one for assault which is damage specced, and one for sci which is mind-**** specced?

Other games have it, and I figure it would put an interesting twist in this. Of course you wouldn't be able to switch it during battles, but only in systems with shipyards. For example I would have a tanking page that I would use almost exclusively with cruisers/battlecruisers and some of the tankier escorts/raptors, and a damage dealing page I would use exclusively with escorts/raptors, and a mind-**** page I would use with sci ships.

Would certainly add an interesting twist.

(believe it or not this actually is still on topic with OPs post).
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