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12-27-2012, 05:51 AM
I've been watching the one on the KDF side and it had only a few plays, was struggling to become qualified. Checked it today and now it is qualified and bam, 450 plays with a ridiculous number of 4 and 5 stars.

Look at the opening page of the list of TOP rated KDF missions, with the exception of one by XR-377, they're all grinders (a good chunk of which don't qualify, amusingly).

This shouldn't be what we're about. Quote from Dstahl:

We prefer to believe that Foundry missions are an extension of Star Trek fan?s creativity because it allows anyone with an idea for an episode, to put together a mission in the game without having to learn 3D modeling or scripting languages. If you are looking for great, well designed, fan made stories set in the Star Trek Universe, then the Foundry is the antithesis of a ?waste of time.? It is one of the best resources available to Fan Fiction writers.
Grinders are none of the above. Of course Cryptic won't lift a finger to stop these. Report all you want, but it'll end up like the one-clicks, with absolutely nothing done about it and then they'll blame us again for "not policing" the missions as if we have the power to do anything but flag something and say "look at this one Cryptic."
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