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12-27-2012, 07:32 AM
Ker'rat is brilliant. The zone chat is among the most entertaining in game, it serves as a place to test drive new builds, and as a nice waiting area before Arena kicks off. It also allows you to hunt in a more natural and organic way rather than a death match.

The zone only resets often when you've got one or two power-farmers, and they're often easy to bring to heel once you figure out who they are and consistently gun them down. After all, part of the objective is to stop the other side, and anything flying on blue team's a big juicy dilithium pinata anyhow.

One element that appeared then vanished was the ability to change instances though. I think that went a ways towards people being able to have the Ker'rat experience they want, rather than one dictated by the majority at any one time.

Regarding it's being a refuge for people afraid to take on "real" PVP, when you're on the wrong end of a numerical disparity it's certainly more challenging to score a kill. It requires far more thought stalking your target then dropping them at the opportune moment. It's a case where proper planning and strategy can trump gear/skill load out. And is anything funnier than nudging a ship using FAW in amongst some cubes with TBR or PSW?