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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
would be a little unfair for weapons that profit from high tier sci skills.
at the end, we would endup where the skillsystem started...with each energy type skillable, which didn't allow you to change your weapons without a respec.
Yeah...right. Although it would really be more of a bonus to what skills you're running as a Sci officer than anything. Like, if you specialize in sensors and placates, you'll synergize better with phasers. Little icing on the cake for your specialty if you know what I mean.

it would also force me into synergies taht i do not want: phaser and tricobald, sci leach builds only with tetryon or polaron...which makes other combinations not viable anymore.

actually i think the skilltree is not needed anyway. and here is why...80% of the skillpoints are identical to each and every class and build...the sci skills are actually the only one that vary from build to build.
i think getting rid of the skilltree in favour of a more customizable ship (consoles and deflectors in particular) would be the better approach.
meaning that instead of skilling for instance flow capacitator in your skilltree you put in a flow capacitator console (with more than 80 points on it)...if you switch abilities away from flow capacitator, just take out the console...Like that you can customize your ship each and everytime to the needs of the mission ahead without being cut short by your skilltree.

another example, threat controle, this skill should be in no way a fixed skill in a would be best on a console that is full with stats for tanking.
Maybe not a bad idea. The threat control thing though, I would expect that to be the opposite. Like, for the skills that directly modify your ship, add consoles. Things that are captains choice though like Threat Control and Attack Patterns and Overall Energy/Projectiles would be skills though.

We would need a lot more ship customization to make up for it all though. Maybe even divided into sections like "Main Engineering" and "Sickbay" where you could modify the layout of your modifiers, change power levels, etc. And a LOT more console slots.

it is really "cryptic" how cryptic could redesign the skilltree a year ago, or more, without even looking at other games that just had way more conveniant skill systems. as it is now, i'm not even sure if it is actually better than before...there are less skills, but the system is the same awefull one as before.
I think it is better, but mostly because

1) It makes diminishing returns more obvious and I feel less guilty for only going to "6"

2) It is easier to understand for some reason

3) It is less about specificity and more about general bonuses. The old skill tree made you choose between tetryons and polarons, but this new one just makes you choose whether you care about energy crits or projectile crits. That seems better because it doesn't restrict your captain choice and still affects your playstyle.