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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
I've been watching the one on the KDF side and it had only a few plays, was struggling to become qualified. Checked it today and now it is qualified and bam, 450 plays with a ridiculous number of 4 and 5 stars.

Look at the opening page of the list of TOP rated KDF missions, with the exception of one by XR-377, they're all grinders (a good chunk of which don't qualify, amusingly).

This shouldn't be what we're about. Quote from Dstahl:

Grinders are none of the above. Of course Cryptic won't lift a finger to stop these. Report all you want, but it'll end up like the one-clicks, with absolutely nothing done about it and then they'll blame us again for "not policing" the missions as if we have the power to do anything but flag something and say "look at this one Cryptic."

Sadly, you are correct. Nothing will be done about it, so like before, we must adapt the best we can. Kirkfat did and designed his Gladiator mission to use as a way to advertise his other missions. I am doing the same with a short story, heavy combat/loot drop mission I am working on. It's not my preferred method of Foundry authoring, but if it gets more folks aware of my Spawn of Medusa series, so be it. I also send rewards to those who complete my 5 part series and leave written reviews so I know who they are. They consist of rare lockbox ships, consoles, doff packs, cxp or fleet bonus chips, etc. Jut my way of thanking folks for playing my entire series.
My new mission won't just be a blow everything up mission, it will have some tasks as well as my other dailies did, as well as a little story and maps to hopefully keep it a little interesting. Anyway, that's my solution to the issue for now. I'm just more concerned about it getting flagged immediately as a non-qualifier, but I am sure it will be long enough to qualify.

Foundry authors, hold your heads up and be proud of your work, from the amount of plays on the story missions, I still think they are favored more by the non-grinding community in STO. You will always have the grind it fast group, regardless of the rules.
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